Remote Genie+ Management

Are you planning your vacation to Disney World or Disneyland and overwhelmed by Genie+? You are not alone!

Why you should let Castles and Ears Travel remotely manage your Disney+ while you are at the theme parks:

Decrease Stress

Unfortunately the paid replacement for the Fastpass system at the parks, Genie+, is confusing and not user friendly. To effectively use the Genie+ system to maximize the number of rides you can get on during your Disney vacation requires extensive research that is not doable for guests who do not regularly visit the theme parks.

Spend Less Time on Your Phone

To use Genie+ you need to spend a lot of time on your phone while you are at the park. This distracts you from making those magical memories that Disney parks are known for with your family and friends.

Maximize Number of Rides

Castles and Ears Travel are Genie+ experts and can help you get on all of the rides you want to during your park day while minimizing the amount of time your group spends in lines. We know which rides need to be prioritied because their lightning lanes run out the fastest as well as hacks to get the most convenient return times. On average our customers wait fifteen minutes in line.

Make More Unforgettable Memories

Using Genie+ during your park day minimizes the time you spend waiting in line. You can get more done during your day since you are spending less time in lines. Having Castles and Ears Travel manage your Genie+ during your park day takes it another step further. Remote Genie+ management means you are spending less time picking and planning your next ride, while still getting on all the best rides. You will get so much time back during your Disney day to do more and create more memories with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disney Genie?

Disney Genie is a system in place at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort. The system includes three parts:
1.Disney Genie (free)
2.Genie+ (paid)
3.A La Carte Lightning Lanes (paid)
The free part of Disney Genie helps you plan your day at the park. You tell the app what you are interested in and it will create an itinerary for you. This feature is not great and relying on what Disney wants you to do won’t help you maximize your day at a Disney theme park.

What is the Disney Genie+?

Genie+ is part of Disney Genie. It is a paid service that replaced the Fastpass System and allows you to wait in shorter lines for rides compared to the standby lines. Genie+ prices for the day are based on demand so price varies. There are forty-six rides at Disney World that use Genie+ and nineteen rides that use Genie+ at the Disneyland Resort.

What are A La Carte Lightning Lanes?

A la carte lightning lanes are for the most popular attractions. The rides that have a la carte lightning lanes are not available on Genie+. These a la carte lightning lanes are priced per person and are based on demand, so the price fluctuates each day. You do not need to purchase Genie+ inorder to buy an a la carte lightning lane, they are separate services.

What are the benefits of using the Disney Genie+ and A La Carte Lightning Lanes?

Using Genie+ and A La Carte Lightning Lanes minimizes the amount of time you spend in line while maximizing the number of rides you can get on during your day at Disney.

Why should I let someone manage my Disney Genie+ during my vacation?

Genie+ is a confusing system that is also expensive. To understand it and get the most out of your money requires a large amount of research that is not feasible for most people. Having Castles and Ears Travel, managing your Genie+ account during your theme park days minimizes the amount of research you need to do before your trip as well as ensures you get on as many rides as possible, get the best return times for your lightning lanes, and spend less time in line.

How are you able to manage my Genie+ account during my vacation?

Castles and Ears Travel can manage your Genie+ account without being in the park with you. We just need access to your My Disney account and we can book all of your rides during the day as well as help with mobile ordering.

How much does Genie+ management cost?

Genie+ Management with Castles and Ears Travel costs $500 per day. A 50% non refundable deposit is due inorder to make the reservation, the other 50% will be due one week before your vacation. The 50% due one week before your vacation is refundable if there are any changes to travel plans.

What are virtual queues and are those bookings included in Genie+ Management?

Virtual queues within Disney theme parks are utilized for the most sought-after rides and attractions. These queues enable you to reserve your place in line for popular experiences, freeing you to partake in other activities without the need to physically wait in line. With our Genie+ Management service, we extend our assistance in securing these coveted reservations for you.

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