Luxury on Trial: Pros and Cons of Staying at Disney World Deluxe Resorts

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When planning a dream vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort, one of the first decisions you’ll make is where to stay. Disney World Resorts are divided into Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. The Deluxe Resort hotels stand out as the epitome of luxury and convenience. However, before you take the plunge and book your stay at one of these upscale accommodations, carefully weigh the pros and cons. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the advantages and drawbacks of staying at Deluxe Resort hotels and introduce you to the eight stunning options available within Disney World.

Disney World Deluxe Resors

Pros of Staying at Disney World Deluxe Resorts:

  • Extended Evening Hours

Deluxe Resort Hotels offer a unique perk: extended evening hours at select Disney theme parks. This exclusive benefit allows guests to enjoy popular attractions with shorter wait times after regular park closing hours. It’s a significant advantage for those looking to make the most of their Disney experience.

  • Signature Dining

Disney World Deluxe Resorts often boast world-class restaurants where you can savor gourmet cuisine prepared by renowned chefs. The dining experiences are exceptional and add a touch of sophistication to your stay, making it a memorable culinary journey.

  • Character Dining

Character dining is a highlight for families with young Disney enthusiasts. Deluxe resorts frequently host character dining experiences, where beloved Disney characters visit your table for photos and interactions. It’s an excellent opportunity for kids and adults alike to meet their favorite characters without the long lines in the parks.

  • Premium Amenities and Services

Deluxe resorts pamper guests with top-notch amenities, from luxurious spas and fitness centers to concierge services and valet parking. These extra touches enhance your overall vacation experience.

  • Prime Location

Many Deluxe Resort Hotels are strategically located close to Disney theme parks or offer convenient transportation options, reducing travel time and increasing time for park enjoyment.

  • Themed Pool Complexes

Disney World Deluxe Resorts often feature elaborate, themed pool complexes with water slides, hot tubs, and serene lounging areas, providing a delightful way to unwind after a day at the parks.

  • Exclusive Access to Recreation

Guests at Deluxe Resorts enjoy exclusive access to recreational activities such as water sports, golf, and evening campfires, ensuring a diverse range of entertainment options.

Disney World Deluxe Resorts. Disney's Contemporary Hotel Resort
Enjoy theme park views and natural surroundings when renting motorized boats at certain Disney World Deluxe Resorts.

Cons of Staying at Disney World Deluxe Resorts:

  • Price

The cost is the most significant drawback of staying at Disney World Deluxe Resorts. These accommodations have a premium price tag, making them less budget-friendly than other Disney lodging options. Travelers on a tight budget may find the expense prohibitive.

  • Parking Fees

While Disney offers complimentary transportation, some guests prefer their own vehicles. Deluxe Resorts may charge additional fees for parking, adding to the overall cost.

  • Limited Budget Dining Options

While signature dining is a pro, it’s important to note that the dining options within Disney World Deluxe Resorts tend to be pricier. Guests looking for more budget-friendly meal choices may need to venture elsewhere.

  • Noise and Crowds

Deluxe Resorts can be bustling with activity due to their popularity. The noise and crowds may be a drawback if you seek a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere.

  • Limited Availability During Peak Seasons

Disney World Deluxe Resorts book quickly, especially during peak vacation seasons. Booking far in advance is necessary to secure your desired dates, which can be challenging for spontaneous travelers.

The Eight Disney World Deluxe Resorts:

1. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Known for its Victorian elegance and luxury, the Grand Floridian offers spacious rooms, fine dining at Victoria & Albert’s, and the beautiful Grand Floridian Spa & Health Club. It’s a short monorail ride or walk away from the Magic Kingdom, making it a prime location for Disney enthusiasts.

Grand Floridian Resort. Grand Floridian Hotel. Disney World Deluxe Hotel. Disney World Deluxe Resorts. Best Disney World Hotels For a Girls Trip
The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is Disney World’s Flagship Resort located on Seven Seas Lagoon.

2. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Transport yourself to a South Pacific paradise at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, where you can enjoy tiki torch-lit evenings, tropical gardens, and a beachfront view of the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks. Try ‘Ohana for a Polynesian-inspired dining experience.

Disney World Deluxe Resorts. Disney's Polynesian Village Resort
The Polynesian Village Resort was among the first two Disney World hotels built.

3. Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Contemporary Resort is iconic with its modern design and is famously home to the monorail, which passes through the building. Enjoy upscale dining at the California Grill and access the Magic Kingdom via walking trails.

Disney World Deluxe Resorts. Disney's Contemporary Hotel Resort. Disney World Deluxe Resort Rankings
The Contemporary Resort was one of the first two Disney World hotels built.

4. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Inspired by the beauty of the American Northwest, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort offers a rustic yet elegant experience. Don’t miss the stunning lobby with its towering fireplace and bubbling spring. You can also dine with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at Artist Point and taste the seasonal cuisine inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge. Disney World Deluxe Resorts. Disney World Deluxe Resort Rankings
Celebrate nature and the great outdoors at Wilderness Lodge Resort located on Bay Lake.

5. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Imagine waking up to a view of giraffes and zebras outside your window. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge offers an immersive experience with African-inspired architecture and cuisine at Jiko, as well as the opportunity to observe exotic animals on the savanna.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. Disney World Deluxe Resorts.
Over 30 species of African wildlife call Animal Kingdom Lodge home.

6. Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Disney’s Yach Club Resort is a nautical-themed hotel offering a serene lakeside setting and easy access to Epcot’s World Showcase and Hollywood Studios. Enjoy a day by the sandy-bottomed pool, Stormalong Bay, or dine at Yachtsman Steakhouse for a savory meal.

Disney World Deluxe Resorts. Disney's Yacht Club. Disney World Deluxe Resort Rankings
The Yacht Club is the more formal sister resort to The Beach Club.

7. Disney’s Beach Club Resort

With a New England beach town ambiance, Disney’s Beach Club Resort shares its sand-bottom pool, Stormalong Bay, with the Deluxe Resort next door, Disney’s Yacht Club. The Beach Club is located on Crescent Lake, a short walk from Epcot’s International Gateway and Hollywood Studios. Cape May Cafe is known for its seafood buffet, a must-try for seafood lovers! For something sweet, stop by Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, a retro soda fountain serving souvenir milkshakes.

Disney World Deluxe Resorts The Beach Club
The Beach Club is the more casual sister resort to The Yacht Club.

8. Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

Relive the charm of a 1920s Atlantic City boardwalk at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. Located on Crescent Lake, guests can stroll along Coney-Island-style BoardWalk, enjoy live entertainment, and dine at popular spots like Trattoria al Forno. Boardwalk Inn is conveniently located within walking distance of Epcot International Gateway and Hollywood Studios.

Disney World Deluxe Resorts. Disney's Boardwalk Inn. Disney World Deluxe Resort Rankings
Boardwalk Inn captures the feel of the 20s and 30s Eastern Seaboard with charming furnishings and whimsical touches.

These Disney World Deluxe Resorts offer a unique theme, dining experience, and amenities, allowing guests to choose the one that best suits their preferences and vacation goals. Whether you’re seeking luxury, proximity to the parks, or a distinctive atmosphere, a Deluxe Resort in Disney World matches your desires.

The Final Word on Deluxe Resort Accommodations

Staying at a Deluxe Resort hotel at Disney World can provide unparalleled luxury and convenience, with extended park hours, exceptional dining, and unique experiences. However, the high price tag is a significant consideration. When planning your Disney vacation, carefully weigh the pros and cons to determine if the splurge is worth it for your family’s unique needs and preferences. Regardless of your choice, the magic of Disney is sure to make your stay unforgettable.

Disney World Deluxe Resorts.

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