Polynesian Village Resort: A Disney Vacation In Paradise

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Imagine a vacation where Disney magic and the beauty of a tropical paradise come together in perfect harmony. That’s precisely what you’ll experience at the Polynesian Village Resort, nestled along the calm shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon at Walt Disney World

In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through this fantastic resort, revealing its captivating look, unique feel, fascinating history, delicious dining spots, easy ways to get to the parks, the dreamy pool area, the particular Polynesian theme, and everything else that makes this place so remarkable. Get ready to discover the enchantment of the Polynesian Village Resort, a deluxe hotel where adventure and relaxation blend seamlessly.

Disney World Deluxe Hotels. Polynesian Village Resort.
The Grand Polynesian Resort is one of three Walt Disney World hotels near the Magic Kingdom.

Disney Deluxe World Resorts

Disney World Resort hotels fit into three categories: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. The Polynesian Village Resort is one of the eight resorts included in the Deluxe Resort category. Explore the articles below to determine if a Disney Deluxe Resort like the Polynesian is the best option for you and your travel party.

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Look and Feel: A Slice of Tropical Heaven

When you arrive at the Polynesian Village Resort, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a real-life tropical paradise. Beautiful plants, swaying palm trees, and peaceful water features are all around. The buildings have a unique Polynesian design mixed with modern comforts. The look and feel of the Polynesian make you feel as if you’re on a beautiful island.

There are waterfront bungalows guests can stay in outside the main hotel building called the Ceremonial House.

History: A Disney Classic

The Polynesian Village Resort has been a part of Disney World since its opening in 1971. It’s one of the oldest Disney World hotels and has a unique charm that has lasted for many years.

The Polynesian Resort opened alongside the Contemporary Resort on October 1, 1971.

Dining Options: A Feast of Flavors

One of the best things about staying here is the fantastic food. You can eat breakfast with Lilo and Stitch and taste dishes from the South Pacific at ‘Ohana, including the famous noodles! Or try Polynesian-inspired meals like macadamia-pineapple pancakes at the Kona Café. Don’t forget to check out the Tambu Lounge to grab a tropical drink and enjoy live music.

Disney World Deluxe Hotels. Polynesian Village Resort.
O’hana has a character breakfast with Lilo & Stitch. It also serves lunch and dinner without characters.

Getting to the Magic: Easy Transportation

Getting to the Disney parks is super easy at the Polynesian. You can hop on the monorail or grab a water taxi to reach the Magic Kingdom and Epcot quickly. Buses can take you to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs. All the available transportation options make it super convenient to get around the over 40 square miles of Disney World.

The Polynesian Village Resort is two monorail stations from the Magic Kingdom.

Poolside Paradise: The Lava Pool

Right at the center of the resort is the Lava Pool, a pool area that feels like a tropical dream come true. The pool has a volcano with a waterslide that twists and turns through it. There’s also a hot tub for relaxing and a fun water play area for the kids. It’s like having your piece of paradise when you need to escape the craziness of the theme parks.

Disney World Hotels. Polynesian Village Resort
The Lava Pool has a 142-foot-long waterslide.

Theme: Immersed in Island Culture

The Polynesian Village Resort is more than just a place to stay; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of South Pacific island culture. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be surrounded by elements celebrating Polynesia’s rich and diverse traditions.

  • Tropical Ambiance

As you step into the resort, you’ll be greeted by a tropical oasis that evokes the relaxed and inviting atmosphere of the South Pacific. Exotic plants, swaying palm trees, and the gentle sound of rustling leaves create an ambiance of tranquility and adventure.

  • Tiki Magic

Watch for the iconic tiki torches and statues scattered throughout the resort. These Polynesian-inspired symbols light your way at night and add an air of mystery and wonder. Each tiki has its unique design, showcasing the artistry of Polynesian cultures.

  • Hawaiian Serenades 

The soothing melodies of ukulele music and the enchanting rhythm of traditional hula performances transport you to the shores of Hawaii. These live performances capture the essence of Hawaiian culture and add a touch of magic to your stay.

  • Thematic Design

The Polynesian Village Resort is a testament to thoughtful design, from the architectural elements to the interior decor. The common spaces are adorned with Polynesian-inspired patterns and motifs, creating an authentic and immersive experience. The hallways and guest rooms have recently undergone refurbishment, and Moana inspires the interiors from the artwork down to the bedding.

  • Culinary Exploration

Dining at the resort is a journey through the flavors of Polynesia. Restaurants like ‘Ohana and the Kona Café offer dishes that pay homage to the region’s culinary traditions. It’s an opportunity to savor the tastes of the islands and indulge in the richness of Polynesian cuisine.

  • Ceremonial Delights

Don’t miss the nightly torch-lighting ceremony at the Great Ceremonial House. This age-old tradition allows you to partake in the cultural celebration of Polynesian heritage. It’s a moment of storytelling and connection that adds depth to your stay.

The Polynesian Village Resort’s theme isn’t just a decorative choice; it’s a holistic experience that invites you to immerse yourself in the vibrant and captivating culture of the South Pacific. Whether you’re lounging by the Lava Pool, savoring Polynesian dishes, or simply taking in the tropical ambiance, you’ll find yourself on a cultural journey that enhances your Disney vacation. It’s a unique and unforgettable aspect of your stay at this remarkable resort.

Disney World Deluxe Hotels. Polynesian Village Resort.
The lobby of the Polynesian Village Resort is called the Ceremonial House.

Unique Features: Where Disney Magic Meets Paradise

What sets this resort apart is how it combines tropical luxury with Disney magic. It’s a place where you can relax and have fun, and it has everything you need. The resort’s beautiful surroundings and unique atmosphere make it a vacation spot all on its own.

The Polynesian Village Resort has 847 Moana-inspired hotel rooms.

Pros and Cons of Staying at the Polynesian Village Resort

Like any vacation, thinking about the good and not-so-good is essential when planning a trip to Disney World.


  • Magical Atmosphere

The Polynesian Village Resort immerses you in a magical atmosphere that sets the stage for an enchanting Disney vacation. The Polynesian Village Resort excels in creating a thematic charm that transports you to the South Pacific. The presence of tiki torches, statues, and the sweet melodies of ukulele music in the background make every moment feel like a tropical escape. The lush tropical surroundings, soothing water features, and vibrant colors create a sense of wonder and relaxation. Moana-inspired guest rooms add that Disney touch. The immersive theming elevates the overall experience, making your stay truly memorable.

  • Convenient Transportation

One of the standout advantages of this resort is its convenient transportation options. With the monorail station steps away, you can effortlessly reach both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Additionally, the availability of water taxis ensures hassle-free access to various Disney destinations, reducing travel stress and maximizing your park time.

  • More Park Time

Disney guests staying at deluxe resorts have the added perk of attending Extended Evening Hours. Extended Evening Hours occur two hours after the park closes to everyone not staying at a Deluxe Resort. Guests enjoy shorter lines at the most popular rides.

  • Delicious Dining

The Polynesian Village Resort spoils guests with various dining options that cater to diverse tastes. ‘Ohana offers a delightful South Pacific dining experience, including a character breakfast with Lilo & Stitch. Kona Café fuses Polynesian and American flavors, and the Tambu Lounge serves tropical cocktails and live music. The variety of choices ensures that every meal is a culinary adventure.

  • Club Level

As a Deluxe Resort, there are opportunities to stay in Club Level rooms. Benefits of staying in a Club Level room at the Polynesian Village include access to an exclusive lounge, The King Kamehameha Club Lounge, which offers free food and beverages throughout the day. Club Level guests have a dedicated concierge staff who can assist guests with anything they need in person, via phone call, or text.

  • Lava Pool

The resort’s centerpiece, the Lava Pool, is a water wonderland that appeals to guests of all ages. The volcano-themed pool features an exhilarating waterslide that winds through the volcano, providing endless aquatic fun. If you prefer relaxation, the adjacent hot tub offers a soothing retreat. Families with children will appreciate the interactive water play area, adding to the overall appeal of the resort’s poolside paradise.

The Polynesian Village Resort
You can find lush greenery and relaxing water features around the Polynesian Resort.


  • Higher Cost

While the Polynesian Village Resort offers many amenities and a magical atmosphere, it is higher on Disney’s pricing spectrum than Value Resorts and Moderate Resorts. For budget-conscious travelers, the cost of staying here can be a consideration. It’s essential to weigh the unique experience against your budget when planning your Disney vacation.

  • Limited Availability

The resort’s popularity means securing a reservation can be challenging, especially during peak seasons and holidays. Guests often book their stays well in advance, limiting last-minute availability. Planning and booking ahead are advisable to secure your desired dates and accommodations at this sought-after Disney destination.

  • Distance to Some Parks

While the monorail provides easy access to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, it’s important to note that the Polynesian Village is farther from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Traveling to these parks may take more time and effort.

Conclusion: Your Disney Island Getaway

In Disney vacations, the Polynesian Village Resort is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Its tropical design, rich history, fantastic dining, and accessible transportation make it a top choice for travelers. Whether you’re in the mood for adventure, relaxation, or both, this Disney resort promises an unforgettable vacation full of Disney magic.

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