Pet-Friendly Hotels in Disney World: Unleashing The Magic

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Disney World


Embarking on a Disney World adventure is a magical experience, and it gets even better when you can share the joy with your furry companions. In the realm of Disney magic, pet owners find their unique paradise with dog-friendly resorts that cater to every wag of the tail.

Dog-Friendly Disney World Resorts

When embracing Disney World’s magic, your furry friends must stay caught up. Disney World has gone above and beyond, warmly welcoming dogs across various resort categories. Here’s a delightful breakdown of dog-friendly options, ensuring every tail wags in joy.

  • Value: Art of Animation Resort

Dogs find their unique place even in the whimsical and animated world of the Art of Animation. This Value Resort goes beyond catering to human guests; it opens its doors to canine friends, creating a charming retreat for pets and owners. Amidst the vibrant and creative atmosphere, dogs can experience the magic of Disney alongside their families.

Best Disney World Hotels For a Girls Trip. Pet-Friendly Hotels in Disney World
Pet-Friendly Hotels in Disney World – Value: Art of Animation

  • Moderate: Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds & Port Orleans – Riverside Resort

Port Orleans – Riverside and Fort Wilderness are the go-to choices for those seeking a mid-range stay that perfectly balances affordability and comfort. These resorts offer a room and an immersive dog experience amidst scenic surroundings. 

which disney world moderate resort is right for you. best friends pet hotel disney

Picture your furry friend reveling in the tranquility of Port Orleans – Riverside’s charming ambiance or exploring the natural wonders of Fort Wilderness. It’s a canine-friendly escape nestled within the heart of Disney World.

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Disney World
Pet-Friendly Hotels in Disney World – Moderate: Port Orleans – Riverside

  • Deluxe: The Yacht Club Resort

Luxury isn’t exclusive to humans at Disney’s Deluxe Resorts. The Yacht Club, a beacon of sophistication and comfort, extends its opulent offerings to include our four-legged family members. 

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Disney World
Pet-Friendly Hotels in Disney World – Deluxe: The Yacht Club

Here, dogs are invited to experience a world of pampering, ensuring that every family member feels like royalty regardless of their number of legs. The Yacht Club’s deluxe amenities and upscale atmosphere create a lavish retreat where dogs can bask in the lap of luxury.

Staying at a Dog-Friendly Hotel in Disney World: The Canine VIP Treatment

Choosing to stay at a dog-friendly Disney Resort means indulging in a VIP experience for your furry companion. Disney ensures that every dog owner receives a complimentary Pluto’s Welcome Kit, a thoughtful gesture containing bowls, a mat, dog walking maps, plastic potty bags, a pet ID tag, and even puppy pads.

  • Doggie Amenities

Dog-friendly rooms are strategically located with easy access to outdoor walkways and dedicated pet relief areas. It’s a thoughtful touch, ensuring convenience for pets and owners.

  • Guest Room Guidelines

To maintain a harmonious environment, only two dogs are allowed per guest room. Dogs must be on leashes in public areas, ensuring the safety and comfort of all guests. Also, vaccination records are necessary to create a secure and healthy environment for all furry visitors.

Bringing Your Dog to Disney World: Beyond Dog-Friendly Resorts

What if you’re bringing your dog to Disney World but not staying at a dog-friendly resort? Disney has a solution – the Best Friends Pet Hotel, located on Disney World property and run by Disney.

  • Accommodating More Than Dogs

This pet haven isn’t exclusive to dogs; it can also accommodate cats and smaller pets like birds, reptiles, or rodents. It’s a versatile solution for pets with overnight or daytime boarding options.

  • Quality Care

Staffed by qualified professionals, the Best Friends Pet Hotel ensures your pet receives top-notch care. The facility includes a grooming salon, providing pampering sessions for your beloved furry friends.

  • Tailored Accommodations

The Best Friends Pet Hotel offers a range of accommodations. For dogs, basic boarding includes two potty walks, bedding, and bowls. On the other end, club suites have a flat-screen TV, a private outdoor patio, and even a webcam so you can virtually check in with your dog. Cats enjoy a choice between a 2-level Condo or a 4-level Townhome.

Add-Ons and Extras

For that extra touch of TLC, add-ons are available, such as a bedtime story or cuddle time for your dog or cookies and milk for your cat. It’s an opportunity to ensure your pet’s stay is as enjoyable as your Disney adventure.

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Disney World

Conclusion: Pet-Friendly Hotels in Disney World

In the pet-friendly paradise of Disney World, where magic knows no bounds, your furry companions are not just welcomed; they’re treated like VIPs. Whether you choose a dog-friendly Disney Resort or opt for the Best Friends Pet Hotel, your pet’s experience will be nothing short of enchanting, making your Disney World adventure a genuinely magical family affair.

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