America the Beautiful: Guide to Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom

Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom


In the heart of the Magic Kingdom is Liberty Square. This land celebrates America’s rich history. While it is the smallest land in Disney World, it still has a lot to offer. This guide will explore the attractions, dining options, and shops that are part of Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom.

Overview of Liberty Square

Liberty Square, located between Frontierland and Fantasyland, celebrates America’s history. Every detail, from the architecture to the attractions, transports visitors to a bygone era, offering a unique blend of educational exploration and Disney enchantment.

Liberty Square Fun Fact

A brown path can be found running throughout Liberty Square. This path represents the sewage that would have been thrown from buildings during the colonial era due to a lack of indoor plumbing.

Attractions in Liberty Square

Liberty Square boasts a collection of captivating attractions that seamlessly blend American history with Disney’s enchanting storytelling. Let’s unravel the magic behind each of these unique experiences.

1. The Hall of Presidents: A Patriotic Presentation

The Hall of Presidents is a testament to the spirit of patriotism, offering a unique and educational experience. Here’s what makes this attraction a must-visit:

  • Lifelike Audio-Animatronics: As you enter the hall, you’ll be greeted by an assembly of lifelike audio-animatronics featuring every U.S. president. The attention to detail in their movements and expressions brings history to life.
  • Immersive Show: The heart of the experience lies in an immersive show that takes you on a journey through American history. Engage with captivating narratives and gain insights into the lives and legacies of the country’s leaders.
  • Authentic Artifacts: Before the show, explore a curated collection of authentic artifacts owned by past presidents. This pre-show exhibition adds a layer of historical richness to your visit.

2. Liberty Square Riverboat: Nautical Nostalgia

For those seeking a leisurely adventure along the scenic Rivers of America, the Liberty Square Riverboat is the perfect choice. Let’s delve into the elements that make this riverboat cruise a delightful experience:

  • Authentic Paddle Wheeler: Step aboard an authentic steam-powered paddle wheeler, the Liberty Belle riverboat. This colonial-era replica offers a nostalgic journey reminiscent of a bygone era.
  • Scenic Cruise: The riverboat takes you on a tranquil cruise encircling Tom Sawyer Island. Enjoy the picturesque views and soak in the atmosphere as you travel along the mighty Mississippi.
  • Narrated by Mark Twain: Adding a touch of storytelling magic, the voyage is described by Mark Twain himself. Listen to tales of his experiences on the river, creating a charming connection between fiction and reality.
Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom
Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom: Liberty Square Riverboat

3. Haunted Mansion: Disney’s Ghostly Delight

Enter the Haunted Mansion for a whimsically eerie encounter with 99 Happy Haunts. This beloved Disney attraction seamlessly blends spooky storytelling with classic Disney charm:

  • Meet the Happy Haunts: The Haunted Mansion is home to 99 Happy Haunts, each with its playful personality. Encounter ghostly apparitions, each contributing to the enchanting atmosphere.
  • Guided by the Ghost Host: Your journey is guided by the Ghost Host, a spectral narrator who adds a spine-tingling touch to the experience. Travel through haunted hallways and eerie chambers in unique Doom Buggies.
  • Iconic Characters: Encounter iconic characters like Madame Leota, whose mystical presence adds enchantment to your ghostly adventure.
Liberty Square in Disney World
Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom: Haunted Mansion

Liberty Square’s attractions perfectly blend history, imagination, and entertainment. Whether exploring the Hall of Presidents, enjoying a riverboat cruise, or embracing the eerie charm of the Haunted Mansion, each experience contributes to the unique tapestry of Liberty Square’s magical storytelling.

Character Meet & Greets in Liberty Square

Unlike other lands in the Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square doesn’t host character meet-and-greets. Instead, it focuses on immersive attractions and historical storytelling.

Dining Options in Liberty Square

Liberty Square offers historical charm, thrilling attractions, and great food options. Let’s delve into the dining options available in Liberty Square.

Table Service:

1. Liberty Tree Tavern: Colonial Elegance

  • Ambiance: Immerse yourself in the colonial charm of Liberty Tree Tavern, designed as an homage to New England’s rich history.
  • Culinary Delights: The menu features New England-inspired cuisine, ensuring a delightful journey through regional flavors.
  • Family-Style Feast: Opt for the family-style Thanksgiving dinner, a three-course extravaganza that captures the essence of a hearty, home-cooked meal.
  • Signature Dessert: Conclude your culinary journey with the iconic Toffee Cake, a sweet masterpiece that leaves taste buds dancing.

2. The Diamond Horseshoe: Old West Allure

  • Immersive Setting: Step into the Old West Music Hall, where the ambiance exudes the allure of a bygone era, transporting diners to the charm of the frontier.
  • Hearty Dining: Indulge in an all-you-care-to-enjoy menu that celebrates the hearty flavors of American cuisine.
  • Three-Course Extravaganza: Enjoy a three-course meal that echoes the culinary offerings of Liberty Tree Tavern, ensuring a diverse and satisfying dining experience.

Liberty Square’s table-service restaurants not only offer delectable dishes but also provide an immersive dining experience. Whether you opt for the colonial elegance of Liberty Tree Tavern or the Old West charm of The Diamond Horseshoe, each bite is a journey through time and flavor. Secure your reservations, as these dining establishments are popular among visitors seeking a perfect blend of history and culinary excellence.

Quick Service Gems in Liberty Square

1. Sleepy Hollow: A Snack Haven

Nestled within Liberty Square, Sleepy Hollow beckons with a delectable array of snacks that cater to every palate.

  • Delightful Snacks: The menu at Sleepy Hollow is a treasure trove of delightful snacks that promise to satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. 
  • Funnel Cakes: Indulge in the classic fair treat – funnel cakes. These crispy, doughy delights are generously dusted with powdered sugar, creating a heavenly experience with every bite.
  • Ice Cream Bliss: Cool off with a selection of ice cream offerings, perfect for a refreshing treat as you continue your magical journey through Liberty Square.
  • Waffle Sandwiches: Sleepy Hollow takes the humble waffle to new heights, offering sandwiches that blend sweet and savory flavors seamlessly. There’s a waffle sandwich for every taste, from fruit-filled options to savory combinations.

2. Liberty Square Market: Wholesome Snacking

Amidst Liberty Square’s rich historical ambiance, the market is a haven for those seeking wholesome and satisfying snacks.

  • Variety of Snacks: Liberty Square Market boasts a diverse selection of snacks, ensuring there’s something for every visitor, whether you crave traditional theme park fare or healthier options.
  • Iconic Turkey Legs: The market is renowned for its iconic turkey legs, providing a carnivorous treat for those looking to savor the classic theme park experience.
  • Mickey Pretzels: Indulge your whimsical side with the ever-popular Mickey Pretzels, a delightful and Instagram-worthy snack that captures the magic of Disney.
  • Healthy Choices: For those seeking a lighter option, Liberty Square Market offers a selection of healthy snacks, including fresh fruit, cheese, and pickles.

3. Columbia Harbour House: Nautical Dining

Embark on a culinary journey inspired by New England’s rich culinary traditions at Columbia Harbour House, a quick-service gem in the heart of Liberty Square.

  • New England Favorites: The menu at Columbia Harbour House showcases New England-style favorites, delivering a taste of coastal cuisine that transports visitors to the quaint seaside villages of the Northeast.
  • Lobster Roll: Indulge in the decadence of a Lobster Roll, a classic maritime delight featuring succulent lobster meat nestled in a buttery roll.
  • Grilled Salmon: For seafood enthusiasts, the Grilled Salmon offers a flavorful and healthy option, combining expertly grilled salmon with delectable accompaniments.
  • Fish Sandwich: Immerse yourself in the flavors of the sea with the Fish Sandwich, a satisfying option that captures the essence of coastal dining.
  • Shrimp Boil: Columbia Harbour House presents a Shrimp Boil, allowing guests to experience a seafood boil’s communal and flavorful tradition.

Whether you’re in the mood for a whimsical waffle sandwich, a classic turkey leg, or a seafood feast inspired by New England, Liberty Square’s quick-service options promise to elevate your culinary adventure in the Magic Kingdom.

Shops in Liberty Square

Liberty Square, with its immersive historical ambiance, may not boast an extensive array of shops. Still, the few available are gems that cater to the thematic essence of the land.

1. Big Al’s: Capture the Moment

Location: The kiosk across from Country Bear Jamboree

Big Al’s is a unique shopping destination within Liberty Square. While it may not be extensive, it caters to visitors seeking to capture and commemorate their moments in the Magic Kingdom. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Camera and Media Equipment: Big Al’s is your go-to spot if you need camera equipment or any media-related accessories. From memory cards to camera bags, this shop has you covered.
  • Toys and Plush Items: Beyond the photographic gear, Big Al’s also offers a selection of Disney-themed toys and plush items. Perfect for bringing a touch of the Magic Kingdom back home.

It is conveniently situated across from the Country Bear Jamboree. Big Al’s serves as a shopping spot and a part of Liberty Square’s thematic storytelling.

2. Frontier Trading Post: Pins and MagicBands

Location: Next to Country Bear Jamboree

For Disney pin trading enthusiasts and MagicBands collectors, the Frontier Trading Post is a must-visit. Despite its modest size, this shop immerses visitors in the beloved tradition of pin trading. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Wide Selection of Pins: Whether you’re a seasoned pin trader or a beginner looking to start your collection, Frontier Trading Post offers a diverse range of Disney-themed pins.
  • MagicBands Galore: Explore an array of MagicBands, each telling a unique story and serving as a fashionable and functional accessory during your Disney adventures.
  • Engage in Pin Trading: Immerse yourself in the delightful tradition of pin trading. Swap your pins with fellow enthusiasts or Disney Cast Members to enhance your collection.

Conveniently located next to the Country Bear Jamboree, Frontier Trading Post seamlessly integrates shopping with the overall thematic experience of Liberty Square.

While Liberty Square may not overwhelm visitors with retail options, the carefully curated shops like Big Al’s and Frontier Trading Post add a touch of Disney magic to the historical narrative of the land. Each purchase becomes a souvenir, connecting guests with the enchantment of the Magic Kingdom.

Conclusion: The Timeless Appeal of Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom

Liberty Square is more than a land; it’s a journey through time. Whether sailing on the riverboat, dining in colonial elegance, or encountering happy haunts, Liberty Square offers a unique blend of history and Disney magic. Every cobblestone tells a story, inviting visitors to become a part of the narrative. As you explore its attractions and savor its cuisine, remember—the true enchantment lies in the intersection of history and fantasy.

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