Beyond the Red Carpet: A Comprehensive Guide to Hollywood Land at Disney’s California Adventure

Hollywood Land at Disney's California Adventure


Have you ever found yourself yearning to step beyond the glimmering facade of Hollywood and explore the enchantment beyond the red carpet? Welcome to Hollywood Land at Disney’s California Adventure. This magical realm pays homage to the 1930s Golden Age of Hollywood and provides a unique behind-the-scenes experience akin to wandering through a real backlot.


Hollywood Land is a captivating section of California Adventure, drawing inspiration from the glamorous era of the 1930s. The meticulous design of this area emulates the charm of Hollywood’s golden age, and a significant portion of it is designed to resemble a backlot, immersing visitors in the world of movie-making.


  • Disney Junior Dance Party

Dive into an interactive musical fiesta featuring beloved Disney Junior characters. Perfect for families, this lively experience is sure to get everyone on their feet.

  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Immerse yourself in the magic of a 3D concert experience starring Mickey Mouse and friends. Feel the enchantment as classic Disney music comes to life in a visually stunning presentation.

  • Sorcerer’s Workshop

Step into the Sorcerer’s Workshop for a journey into the art of animation. Engage in hands-on exhibits and magical experiences that bring the animation process to life.

  • Animation Academy

Unleash your inner artist as you learn to sketch iconic Disney characters under the guidance of talented Disney artists. Take home your masterpiece as a unique and cherished souvenir.

  • Turtle Talk with Crush

Experience real-time conversations with Crush, the laid-back sea turtle from Finding Nemo. This interactive show is a delight for both kids and adults.

  • Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!

Join Mike and Sulley on a whimsical adventure through Monstropolis, encountering familiar characters from Monsters, Inc. in this family-friendly ride.

Character Meet and Greets

  • Judy Hopps

Embrace the opportunity to meet Judy Hopps, the determined bunny cop from Zootopia. Share a moment with this spirited character and capture the magic with a photo.

  • Nick Wilde

Encounter Nick Wilde, the charming fox from Zootopia. Enjoy the charisma and wit of this beloved character while creating lasting memories.


Table Service (reservations recommended)

Currently, there are no table service options in Hollywood Land.

Quick Service

  •  Award Wieners

Indulge in gourmet, street-style hot dogs at Award Wieners. From the Bacon Street Dog to the Uptown Chili Dog, there’s a hot dog creation for every palate.

  • Schmoozies!

Quench your thirst with refreshing fruit smoothies at Schmoozies!, including the delightful Mango Madness and Strawberry Banana Sensation, or opt for a caffeinated boost with the Make Mine Mocha.

  • Fairfax Market

For those seeking healthier options, Fairfax Market offers a variety of snacks such as whole and sliced fruit, pickle spears, trail mix, veggie cups, hummus, and coconut water.

  • Hollywood Lounge

Unwind at Hollywood Lounge, where a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks awaits in a Hollywood-themed setting.

  • Studio Catering Co.

Satisfy your cravings at Studio Catering Co., a food truck hosted by Coca-Cola. Enjoy a rotating menu of snacks, including street burritos, mango lassi, and Mickey Mouse pretzels.


  • Gone Hollywood

Browse through an array of clothing, pins, and accessories at Gone Hollywood. This shop is a treasure trove for Disney enthusiasts, featuring iconic characters like Mickey & Minnie, Marvel, and Star Wars.

  • Off the Page

Immerse yourself in the world of Disney storytelling at Off the Page. This shop celebrates animation with original artwork, collectibles from Disney classics, and figurines, pins, and ornaments.

  • Studio Store

Dive into the world of Monsters Inc. at Studio Store, offering clothing, toys, and souvenirs inspired by the beloved characters. Additionally, find general Disney hats, apparel, and merchandise to commemorate your visit.

Final Scene: Concluding Your Hollywood Land at Disney’s California Adventure

In conclusion, Hollywood Land at Disney’s California Adventure invites you to step beyond the red carpet and enter a world of enchantment. This Hollywood adventure seamlessly blends the allure of Disney magic with thrilling attractions, character meet and greets, delectable dining, and unique shopping experiences. Whether you’re exploring the glamour of Hollywood Land at Disney World or California Adventure, this is where cherished memories are made. So, venture into the heart of Hollywood Land and let the magic unfold!

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