Ultimate Guide to Marriott’s Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

Walt Disney World Swan Hotel


Imagine a place where luxury meets the enchantment of Disney, where you can enjoy the perks of a Disney World vacation without breaking the bank. Welcome to the Marriott Hotels at Disney World, specifically the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel. This hotel uniquely blends Marriott hospitality and Disney magic, offering guests a lavish retreat in the heart of the most magical place on earth. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the many facets of staying at the Swan, from the hotel’s design and room types to dining options and transportation choices. We’ll also explore the pros and cons of choosing these resorts for your Disney vacation.

Using Marriott Bonvoy Points for Affordability

One of the secrets to making your Disney stay more affordable at the Swan is utilizing Marriott Bonvoy points. Marriott Bonvoy members can redeem points for their stay, significantly reducing the cost of their Disney vacation while enjoying all the benefits of staying on Disney property.

Design of the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

The Swan boasts a unique and striking design, featuring a graceful swan statue at its entrance. The hotel’s interior combines modern elegance with subtle Disney touches, creating an inviting and upscale atmosphere.

Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

Room Types Available at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

The resort offers a variety of room types to suit different preferences, from standard guest rooms to spacious suites. Whether traveling with family or seeking a romantic getaway, The Swan has accommodations to match your needs.

Dining Options at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

One of the standout features of the Swan is its exceptional dining options. The resort houses several renowned restaurants, including Todd English’s Bluezoo Il Mulino, New York Trattoria, and Garden Grove. These dining venues cater to diverse tastes, offering an array of culinary delights.

Transportation Options Available at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

Guests at the Swan enjoy convenient transportation to the Disney parks. The resort provides three modes of transportation: water taxis, walking, and buses. The proximity to Epcot and easy access to Hollywood Studios make this hotel an ideal choice for park-hopping

Amenities at The Swan: Elevating Your Disney Experience

When you stay at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, you’re not just booking a hotel room but embarking on an immersive and memorable Disney vacation. This hotel, part of the Marriott collection, boasts many amenities to enhance your stay. From recreational facilities to dining experiences, The Swan has something for every guest. Here’s a detailed look at the amenities you can expect during your stay:

  • Pools and Water Features

At the Swan, you’ll find multiple pools and water features designed for relaxation and recreation. The main pool, surrounded by lush landscaping and palm trees, offers a tranquil retreat. A serene waterfall adds to the ambiance, making it an ideal spot to unwind. For the little ones, there’s a separate kiddie pool where they can splash and play.

  • Camp Dolphin

If you’re traveling with children, Camp Dolphin is a short walk away and is located at Marriott’s Disney World Dolphin Hotel. This supervised activity center offers an array of fun and engaging experiences for kids aged 4-12. Something exciting always happens at Camp Dolphin, from arts and crafts to video games. It’s an excellent way to keep the little ones entertained while you explore the parks.

  • Mandara Spa

Indulge in relaxation and rejuvenation at the Mandara Spa. This world-class spa offers a range of treatments, from massages to facials, designed to pamper and refresh you after a day at the parks. The soothing ambiance and skilled therapists ensure you leave feeling utterly revitalized.

  • Fitness Center

The Swan provides a well-equipped fitness center for those who prefer an active lifestyle. Whether you’re a dedicated fitness enthusiast or want to keep up with your workouts while traveling, you’ll find everything you need here to stay on track.

  • Dining Options

The Swan features various dining options catering to diverse tastes. There’s no shortage of culinary delights, from upscale dining at Todd English’s Bluezoo to Italian cuisine at Il Mulino New York Trattoria. Garden Grove, the resort’s main restaurant, offers character dining on weekends, allowing kids and adults to meet beloved Disney characters while enjoying a delicious meal.

  • Meeting and Event Spaces

The Swan offers a selection of meeting rooms and event spaces for business travelers or those planning events. These venues can accommodate conferences, weddings, and special occasions, making them versatile for various gatherings.

  • Transportation

The Swan provides several convenient transportation options. Guests can choose between water taxis, walking, and buses to access Disney’s theme parks and other destinations around the resort.

  • Location

One of the most significant amenities of The Swan is its prime location. It’s situated near Epcot and Hollywood Studios, making it an ideal choice for park-hopping and experiencing the best of what Disney has to offer.

Pros and Cons of Staying at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

Below, we will examine the pros and cons of staying at the Swan.


  • Deluxe Hotels at Moderate Prices

Staying at the Swan provides the luxury and comfort of deluxe hotels at more affordable, moderate hotel prices.

  • Convenient Transportation Options

The Swan is located near Epcot and offers three transportation options: water taxis, walking, and buses, making park access a breeze.

  • Extra Time in the Parks

Like Disney resort guests, those staying at this Marriott hotel have access to Early Entry at the Disney parks, allowing them to make the most of their Disney experience. Disney also includes the Swan in their Deluxe Resort category so guests can access Extended Evening Hours in the theme parks.

  • Proximity to the Parks

Being within walking distance from two out of four of the Disney Theme Parks offers a level of convenience only available at the resorts in the Epcot area of Disney World.


  • Lack of Disney Theming 

The Swan lacks the immersive Disney-theming that many Disney-owned resorts offer.

  • Magicbands Limitations

Unlike Disney-owned resorts, Magicbands cannot be used as room keys or for purchases back to your room at the Swan Hotel.

Conclusion: Staying at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

In conclusion, the Swan offers a unique and attractive option for travelers who enjoy Disney World without the premium price tag. With luxurious accommodations, convenient transportation, and access to Early Entry, these Marriott hotels provide a fantastic Disney experience. However, guests should be aware of the lack of Disney theming and the limitations of Magic Bands. So, if you’re seeking a luxurious retreat in the heart of Disney magic without breaking the bank, the Swan may be the perfect choice for your next Disney adventure.

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