Your Guide to Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts 2024

Epcot's International Festival of the Arts

By: Frances Sherlock

Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts takes place from January 12 to February 19, 2024, and is included with your park admission to Epcot. The festival has everything from fun and unique food to Disney Broadway singers performing concerts every night. This festival is not to be missed, and this will serve as your guide to the festival!

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festival of arts at epcot
festival of the arts epcot


Like other festivals at Epcot, Festival of the Arts has 16 food booths offering unique and creative food offerings like Deconstructed BLTs, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Pop Art, Artist Palette Cookies, and more!

My favorites are the Mushroom Risotto at Gourmet Landscapes in Canada, the Pop Art at Figment’s Inspiration Station at the Odyssey, the Braised Beef at Pastoral Palette in the Germany Pavilion, and you can’t go wrong with the Grilled Cheese at Pop Eats. 

epcot festival of the arts
festival of arts epcot
disney festival of arts

Art Booths

What is unique about this festival is there are art booths set up throughout the festival featuring both Disney and non-Disney art. You can grab postcards, prints, or even larger framed LE pieces. Some artists this year include Rob Katz, Thomas Kinkade Studios, Disney Fine Arts, and more!

Some booths offer free artist signings of pieces purchased during the festival. I highly recommend taking advantage of this if you can!


Another unique thing about this festival is the wide variety of activities you can participate in as a part of this festival.

disney festival of the arts
epcot international festival of the arts
epcot international festival of arts
  • Expression Section: A Paint-by-Numbers Mural

As a part of this festival, you can help paint a mural that will be displayed for part of the festival. You get to pick one of 12 colors, and the cast member will let you know how many squares you can paint on that day. This is a fun activity for the whole family! You also get to take home a bookmark of the completed mural as a souvenir to see what it looks like when it is done!

  • Chalk Art

As you enter the World Showcase, Chalk Art lines both sides of the walkway, and you can sometimes catch the artists at work. It is fascinating to see what they can bring to life with chalk!

  • Live Art

Sometimes, at the entrance to World Showcase, you can find artists bringing to life a piece of art right before your eyes. You will watch the artist paint something that is sold right at the festival in about 15 minutes!

  • Live Shows

Also, at the entrance to the World Showcase, there are acrobatic performances. I highly recommend stopping to watch a few moments of this, as the strength the performers display is amazing!

  • Animation Academy

In the America Garden Theater at 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm, you can join Disney animators in learning to sketch a Disney character! This is similar to the old Animation Academy at Hollywood Studios or the one at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. The perfect activity for the whole family!

  • Disney on Broadway Concert Series

I may be biased because I love Broadway shows, but I love this offering during the festival. At 5:30 pm, 6:45 pm, and 8:00 pm, stars from Disney’s Broadway shows will perform Disney hits from both on and off Broadway. One year, they performed High School Musical as a part of their set, and my millennial heart died.

If you want a guaranteed seat, you can book a dining package at one of the selected Epcot restaurants offering the package for the festival. This will ensure you have a seat for the show you want to attend. Or you can wait in line outside the American Garden Theater for the show of your choice!


Every festival has its own unique merchandise, from bags to pins to spirit jerseys and more! This year, the merchandise features the festival mascot, Figment. New to the festival this year are a crossbody Lug bag, a Lug backpack, and a Figment Munchling.

I may be biased because Figment is my favorite character, but this is one of my favorite festivals Epcot has to offer. Between the food, the art, and all the activities, there will surely be something for everyone in your group! 

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