Step Back in Time: Exploring Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Pop Century Resort


Journey into the past at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, where every step takes you through the iconic decades of the 20th century. In this immersive guide, we’ll walk you through the magic, entertainment, insider tips, and more, making your visit to Pop Century Resort in Disney World an unforgettable trip down memory lane.

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The Nostalgic Allure

Discover the enchantment of Pop Century Resort, a place where the past comes to life and the present is infused with the spirit of decades gone by.

Step into a resort that’s not just a place to stay but a journey through the memorable decades of the 20th century. The resort’s larger-than-life icons, vibrant colors, and thematic decor immerse you in the spirit of each era.

Pop Century Resort

Entertainment Through the Decades

From classic arcade games to poolside movies, Pop Century Resort offers entertainment that spans generations.

  • Hippy Dippy Pool: Dive into the ’60s

At Pop Century, the Hippy Dippy Pool is a time capsule back to the 1960s, and it’s the perfect spot to kick back and relax. The pool area is surrounded by larger-than-life flower decorations, towering yo-yos, and playful tie-dye patterns that transport you straight to Woodstock. Relax on a colorful poolside lounger, enjoy the gentle tunes of ’60s music, and soak in the sunshine. The Hippy Dippy Pool is more than just a place to cool off; it’s a vibrant and nostalgic experience.

  • Movies Under the Stars: Outdoor Cinema Magic

There’s something truly enchanting about watching a movie under the stars, and Pop Century Resort offers this magical experience. As the sun sets, head to the pool area, grab a comfortable seat, and settle for a cinematic journey. Disney presents family-friendly films on a large outdoor screen, making it an ideal way to unwind after a day of exploration. Whether with your family or enjoying a solo adventure, Movies Under the Stars is a delightful way to create lasting memories.

  • Retro Fun and Games: ’60s Recreation Zone

Pop Century pays tribute to the ’60s with a recreation area designed to capture the spirit of this groovy era. You can challenge your family to a friendly ping-pong game or test your foosball skills. The colorful and retro-themed play area adds a touch of nostalgia to your stay. It’s a beautiful place to bond with loved ones and enjoy fun. The ’60s Recreation Zone is a hidden gem where you can relive the past while creating new memories.

  • Fast Forward Arcade: A Blast from the ’80s

For those who fondly remember the ’80s and the rise of video games. The Fast Forward Arcade is a flashback to the video game arcades of the 1980s. Here, you’ll find a selection of classic and modern video games. Challenge your family to a game of Pac-Man, try your hand at pinball, or compete in the latest video game titles. It’s a fantastic way to entertain kids and adults and relive the golden era of arcade gaming.

These entertainment offerings at Pop Century Resort allow you to experience the charm of different decades while creating new memories with your family. Whether you’re lounging by the Hippy Dippy Pool, enjoying outdoor cinema, engaging in friendly competition, or immersing yourself in the world of classic arcade games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and make your stay truly special.

Tips for an Unforgettable Time Travel Experience

Maximize your journey through time with these insider tips:

  • Early Bird Gets the ’60s

Arriving early at Pop Century has its perks. Beat the crowds to the iconic Hippy Dippy Pool in the ’60s section to secure the best lounge chair or a prime spot for a sunny morning swim. The early hours offer a peaceful and serene environment for relaxation.

  • Transportation Convenience

Disney offers a complimentary and efficient transportation system to whisk you to the theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. Utilize the bus service or the Disney Skyliner, a gondola system that connects Pop Century to Hollywood Studios and Epcot. This convenience can save you time and make getting around a breeze.

  • Preferred Rooms

Consider booking a preferred room category. These rooms are typically closer to the resort’s central hub, where you’ll find Everything POP Shopping & Dining, the resort’s central food court, gift shop, and arcade. Being closer to these amenities can save you time and energy, especially after a long day of exploring the theme parks.

  • Dining Reservations

If you plan to dine at a table-service restaurant at Pop Century or any other Disney resort, it’s advisable to make dining reservations in advance. This ensures you secure your preferred dining times and locations. Booking ahead is particularly important during busy periods, as many restaurants can fill quickly.

  • Memory Maker

Capture your magical moments throughout your time-travel journey with Disney’s PhotoPass photographers. Consider purchasing Memory Maker, which grants you access to all your photos taken by Disney’s photographers at the resort and theme parks. This way, you can relive and share memorable moments with loved ones.

The Disney Skyliner. Art of Animation. Pop Century Resort

Conclusion: Saying Goodbye to the Past at Pop Century Resort

As your journey through time at Pop Century Resort ends, you’ll carry cherished memories of a unique Disney experience that combines nostalgia, comfort, and modern luxury.

Pop Century Resort isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a trip down memory lane, a celebration of the past, and a cozy retreat for the present. It’s where your family can experience the magic of bygone decades while enjoying the convenience and amenities of a top-tier Disney resort. Make your reservation, and step back in time for an unforgettable vacation at Pop Century Resort.

Pop Century Resort

Pack your bags and let the magic begin! Your enchanting Disney World vacation is just a reservation away. Book your dream stay with Castles & Ears Travel and make memories that will last a lifetime!