2024 Top Picks: Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings

Disney's Port Orleans - French Quarter. Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings


Choosing the right hotel can be a make-or-break decision when planning a magical visit to Walt Disney World. Disney World offers a range of resort options, including Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. For those seeking a balance between cost and amenities, the Moderate Resorts stand out. 

In this ranking, we’ll explore the top Moderate Resorts at Disney World for 2024, considering various factors such as location, transportation options, pool, theming, amenities, and dining. Let’s journey to discover the perfect Moderate Resort for your Disney adventure.

Disney World Moderate Resorts

Disney World Resort hotels fit into three categories: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. There are five resorts in the Moderate Resort category. Explore the articles below to determine if a Disney Moderate Resort is best for you and your travel party.

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Pros and Cons of Staying at a Disney Moderate Resort

Considerations for Ranking Disney World Moderate Resorts

When choosing the best Disney World Moderate Resort for your 2024 vacation, several factors come into play. These considerations are crucial in determining the ideal resort for your needs. Here’s a breakdown of these essential aspects to help you make an informed decision:

  • Location

The location of your resort can significantly impact your Disney experience. Proximity to the parks, notably the Magic Kingdom, can save you valuable travel time. Consider how easy it is to reach your favorite Disney destinations.

  • Transportation Options

Disney offers various transportation methods, including buses, boats, the Skyliner, and more. Evaluate the convenience and efficiency of the transportation options available at your chosen resort to streamline your park-hopping adventures.

  • Pool

The pool area is a crucial component of a Disney vacation, especially if you plan on spending some downtime at the resort. Consider the pool’s theming, size, and amenities to ensure it meets your relaxation and recreation needs.

  • Theming

Disney resorts are known for their immersive theming. Think about the ambiance and atmosphere you desire. Whether it’s a rustic wilderness, bayou charm, Caribbean paradise, or Mayan adventure, your chosen theming should enhance your overall Disney experience.

  • Amenities

Assess the range of amenities offered at your selected resort. From dining options and recreational activities to fitness centers and spa services, ensure that the resort provides the amenities that matter most to you.

  • Food

Dining is an integral part of any Disney vacation. Investigate the variety and quality of dining options within your chosen resort. The food choices should align with your preferences, whether Southern cuisine, Caribbean flavors, or other culinary delights.

Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings

Now, let’s dive into the ranking of each Disney World Moderate Resort, starting from the 5th spot:

5. Fort Wilderness

At Fort Wilderness, the charm of the great outdoors combines with the comfort of home, making it a unique Disney World experience. Let’s explore the key aspects that make this resort a top pick for families and nature enthusiasts:

Moderate Resorts in Disney World

What Makes it Great

  • Free-Standing Rustic Cabins

The heart of Fort Wilderness lies in its free-standing rustic cabins, offering a distinct and cozy atmosphere. These cabins are designed to be a home away from home, featuring a full-sized kitchen, a queen bed, bunk beds, and a double-size sleeper sofa. With the ability to accommodate up to six guests, these cabins are perfect for families, ensuring ample space for everyone.

  • Outdoor Adventures for Kids

Fort Wilderness isn’t just a place to rest; it’s an expansive playground for kids. With open spaces to roam and play, children can enjoy the great outdoors, allowing them to expend their energy and create magical memories right at their doorstep.

  • Convenient Transportation Options

Access to Disney’s enchanting parks is a breeze at Fort Wilderness. Guests can take a boat to the Magic Kingdom, providing a picturesque and leisurely journey. However, it’s worth noting that bus transportation to other parks can be slower because the resort is spread out, requiring more stops.

  • Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue

One of the standout attractions at Fort Wilderness is the Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue. This lively and entertaining dinner show promises a delightful evening filled with music, laughter, and delicious food. It’s a must-do experience that adds extra fun to your stay.

What to be Aware of

  • Premium Experience with a Pricier Tag

While Fort Wilderness offers a unique and premium experience, it’s essential to consider that it is more expensive than other Moderate Resorts in Disney World. The extra cost reflects the exclusivity and comfort of the cabins and the range of activities available within the resort.


Fort Wilderness perfectly blends nature, comfort, and Disney magic. Families, nature enthusiasts, and those looking for a distinctive Disney experience will find this resort a top pick, even if it comes with a slightly higher price tag. It’s a place where the great outdoors meets the enchanting world of Disney, offering a truly magical escape.

4. Port Orleans – Riverside

Nestled along the picturesque Sassagoula River, Port Orleans – Riverside is a charming Disney resort that whisks you away to the enchanting bayou. This resort uniquely blends Southern hospitality, bayou charm, and Disney magic. Let’s explore what makes Port Orleans – Riverside a distinctive choice:

Disney's Port Orleans - Riverside. Disney Moderate Resort. Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings
Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings #4: Port Orleans – Riverside

What Makes it Great

  • Tiana Themed Rooms

Port Orleans- Riverside has a special treat for “The Princess and the Frog” fans. Themed rooms inspired by Tiana, the beloved Disney Princess, bring the magic of the bayou to life in your accommodations.

  • Southern Food

One of the highlights of this resort is the opportunity to savor authentic Southern cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for jambalaya, gumbo, or beignets, Port Orleans – Riverside’s dining options immerse you in the flavors of the South.

  • Access to Port Orleans – French Quarter Pool

An advantage of staying at Port Orleans – Riverside is enjoying the pool at its sister resort, Port Orleans – French Quarter. This means you have more than one pool to choose from, adding variety to your relaxation options.

  • Boat to Disney Springs

For those looking to explore beyond the resort, Port Orleans – Riverside offers the convenience of a boat transportation system to Disney Springs. This allows you to easily access a world of dining, shopping, and entertainment just a boat ride away.

What to be Aware of

  • Bigger Resort, Unique Challenges

While the expansive layout of Port Orleans – Riverside provides guests with a scenic and atmospheric experience, be aware that the resort’s size can lead to your room being a considerable distance from the lobby and pool areas. You may need to plan extra time for walking or transportation within the resort.

  • Lots of Bus Stops

Due to the resort’s larger size, Port Orleans – Riverside has numerous bus stops. While the Disney bus system is a convenient way to reach the parks, it’s crucial to consider that your designated bus stop may get skipped during peak times if the bus is already full. This potential delay is a factor to remember when planning your Disney adventures.

Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings #4: Port Orleans – Riverside


In conclusion, Port Orleans – Riverside delivers an authentic bayou-infused Disney experience enriched by Tiana-themed rooms, Southern cuisine, and scenic surroundings. While its larger size may present some unique challenges, its amenities and access to Port Orleans – French Quarter and Disney Springs make it a delightful choice for a Disney getaway with a touch of Southern charm.

3. Caribbean Beach Resort

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Caribbean at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. This lively and recently refurbished resort offers a tropical getaway for Disney enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the details:

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. Disney World. Disney's Moderate Resorts. Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings
Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings #3: Caribbean Beach Resort

What Makes it Great

  • Skyliner Access

Caribbean Beach Resort boasts access to the Disney Skyliner, a picturesque and efficient transportation system that easily takes you to the parks. Enjoy stunning views from your gondola as you soar above the resort.

  • Fuentes del Morro Pool: A Pirate-Themed Delight

One of the highlights of Caribbean Beach Resort is its stunning Fuentes del Morro pool, a pirate-themed aquatic paradise. This pool is considered one of the best in Disney World, offering relaxation and excitement for guests of all ages.

  • Recently Refurbished

The resort has been recently refurbished, ensuring guests enjoy modern amenities and a fresh, updated Caribbean theme. The refurbished rooms and facilities add a touch of luxury to your stay.

  • Caribbean Theme

The resort’s vibrant Caribbean theme infuses every aspect of your stay with a lively and tropical ambiance, from the lush landscaping to the colorful décor. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a Caribbean island paradise.

  • Good Dining Options

Regarding dining, Caribbean Beach Resort has you covered. Sebastian’s Bistro and Centertown Market offer a range of dining options, from Caribbean-inspired dishes to more familiar fare. These options cater to various tastes and preferences, making your culinary adventures memorable.

What to be Aware of

  • Large Resort, Potential for Longer Walks

Given the resort’s size, it’s essential to be prepared for the possibility that your room may be quite a distance from the lobby. Although the lush landscaping and tranquil setting add to the charm, this could mean longer walks.

  • No Elevators

The buildings at Caribbean Beach Resort do not have elevators. If you have mobility issues, you must stay in a first-floor room. Check out this article for the best Disney hotels for guests with mobility issues.

  • 8 Internal Bus Stops

Caribbean Beach Resort’s size also means that it has eight internal bus stops. While the bus transportation system is convenient, the many stops can lead to slower bus travel times, especially during peak periods.

Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings #3: Caribbean Beach Resort


Caribbean Beach Resort offers its guests a relaxed tropical atmosphere and one of the best pools in Disney World with the Fuentes del Morro pool. While the large size of the resort and the numerous bus stops to the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are not ideal, the resort does have access to one of Disney’s most efficient modes of transportation, the Skyliner, to get to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

2. Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort offers a tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a quieter and more adult-centric Disney experience. Let’s explore the resort’s unique features and some of the considerations you should keep in mind when choosing it for your Disney vacation:

Coronado Springs Resort. Disney World. Disney's Moderate Resorts. Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings
Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings #2: Coronado Springs Resort

What Makes it Great

  • Quieter Resort with Fewer Families

Coronado Springs is often a preferred choice for convention attendees, resulting in a more serene environment with fewer families, which may appeal to those looking for a peaceful stay.

  • Abundant Dining Options

The resort’s convention facilities bring many dining options. With various eateries and culinary delights, your taste buds will be well-catered during your stay.

  • Unique Mayan-themed pool and Quiet Retreats

Coronado Springs boasts a unique pool themed after Mayan ruins, providing a picturesque and immersive relaxing setting. Additionally, the resort offers three quiet pools, perfect for those seeking a more tranquil and intimate swimming experience.

  • Largest Hot Tub at Disney World

If you’re a fan of relaxing in a hot tub, you’re in for a treat. Coronado Springs offers the largest hot tub at Disney World, providing the ultimate relaxation experience.

  • 24-Hour Spa and Fitness Center

Whether you want to unwind with a spa treatment or maintain your fitness routine during your Disney vacation, the resort’s 24-hour spa and fitness center have you covered.

  • Newer Resort with an Adult Feel

Coronado Springs is a relatively newer resort that exudes a more adult-oriented ambiance. While this might not be the best choice for families with young children, it’s perfect for adults and couples seeking a refined and sophisticated atmosphere.

What to Be Aware of

  • Large Resort with Potential for Walking

The size of Coronado Springs means that things are spread out, which could translate into more walking. If you prefer a compact resort layout, be prepared for some additional steps during your stay.

  • Exclusively Bus Transportation

Regarding transportation, Coronado Springs exclusively offers bus service. While the buses are efficient, it’s essential to note that this is the sole mode of transportation within the resort.

Coronado Springs Resort. Disney World
Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings #2: Coronado Springs Resort


Coronado Springs Resort is often overlooked due to its lack of Disney theming and the convention center on the property. However, Coronado Springs has much to offer guests, including many dining options, a wonderfully themed Mayan pool, and a quiet atmosphere to unwind in after a long day in the theme parks.

1. Port Orleans – French Quarter

Tucked away in a charming corner of the Disney universe, Port Orleans – French Quarter offers a cozy and intimate escape for those seeking a taste of New Orleans. This smaller Moderate resort packs a punch with its unique offerings. Here’s a closer look at what makes Port Orleans – French Quarter Special:

Disney's Port Orleans - French Quarter. Disney's Moderate Resorts. Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings
Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings #1: Port Orleans – French Quarter

What Makes it Great

  • Smaller Resort

Port Orleans – French Quarter is the cozier and more intimate option among the Moderate Disney resorts. This smaller size fosters a sense of community and ease of navigation.

  • Only One Bus Stop

Simplicity reigns supreme at this resort, as it features only a single bus stop. This streamlined transportation ensures that you won’t face the potential hassle of multiple stops on your way to the parks.

  • Mardi Gras Theme

The resort’s ambiance is infused with the vibrant spirit of Mardi Gras, which permeates the entire environment, creating a festive and lively atmosphere throughout your stay.

  • Cajun and Creole Cuisine

Culinary enthusiasts will delight in the Cajun and Creole cuisine offered at the resort. From jambalaya to gumbo, you can savor the distinctive flavors of the South during your Disney adventure.

  • Only Place to Get Beignets in Disney World

Port Orleans – French Quarter is the sole location in Disney World, where you can indulge in the beloved beignet, a sugary and delightful treat.

  • Access to Port Orleans – Riverside Pool

Port Orleans – French Quarter guests can enjoy the pool at its sister resort, Port Orleans – Riverside. This added amenity offers another option for relaxation and recreation.

  • Boat to Disney Springs

For those seeking to explore the bustling dining and entertainment scene at Disney Springs, the resort provides boat transportation for a leisurely journey to this popular destination.

What to be Aware of

  • No Table Service Restaurants at the Resort

While the resort offers a delectable array of Cajun and Creole cuisine, it’s important to note that there are no table service restaurants within the resort itself. However, the proximity to Disney Springs provides ample opportunities for table-service dining.

Disney's Port Orleans - French Quarter
Disney World Moderate Resort Rankings #1: Port Orleans – French Quarter


Port Orleans – French Quarter is worthy of our number-one spot due to its festive New Orleans ambiance, great Southern food, including beignets, multiple modes of transportation, and the resort’s intimate size. And with Port Orleans – French Quarter sharing amenities with its sister resort next door, Port Orleans – Riverside, guests have double the amenities and dining options. Add a little Mardi Gras to your next Disney World trip by staying at Port Orleans – French Quarter!

Conclusion: Picking Your Perfect Disney World Moderate Resort

In conclusion, when choosing Disney World Moderate Resorts for 2024, it’s essential to consider individual preferences and priorities. These top picks offer a unique experience, ensuring something for everyone, from families to couples and solo travelers. Your perfect Disney escape awaits, so choose the Moderate Resort that best suits your desires for a magical Disney adventure.

Pack your bags and let the magic begin! Your enchanting Disney World vacation is just a reservation away. Book your dream stay with Castles & Ears Travel and make memories that will last a lifetime!