A Southwestern Sojourn: The Beauty of Coronado Springs Resort

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Step into a world where the American Southwest’s allure blends seamlessly with Disney’s enchantment. Coronado Springs Resort, nestled within the captivating embrace of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. This distinctive resort invites travelers on a journey filled with immersive ambiance, a compelling tapestry of dining options, a rich historical narrative, and seamless transportation services. 

In this in-depth exploration, we invite you to unveil the beauty of Coronado Springs Resort as we delve into its unique atmosphere, diverse culinary experiences, storied inspirations, convenient travel options, and the nuanced pros and cons that shape the resort experience. Join us on a voyage where Southwestern elegance mingles with Disney magic, promising an unforgettable stay for all who venture here.

Coronado Springs Resort. Disney World
The resort’s lobby is beautifully decorated with Spanish tiles, glass mosaics, and grand chandeliers.

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Look and Feel: A Slice of the Southwest

From the moment you step into Coronado Springs Resort, you are transported to the American Southwest. Inspired by Spanish-colonial Mexico and the American Southwest, the resort’s architecture features stucco buildings adorned with intricate tilework, courtyards with bubbling fountains, and lush landscaping filled with palm trees and cacti. The resort’s centerpiece is the breathtaking 22-acre Lago Dorado (Golden Lake), where a peaceful promenade invites strolls.

The guest rooms continue the Southwestern theme with warm earth tones, rustic wood furnishings, and vibrant textiles. This carefully crafted theming creates a serene and inviting atmosphere for guests to unwind after their Disney adventures.

Three southwestern-style villages surround the Grand Destino Tower, the main hotel building.

Rich History: A Resort with a Story

Coronado Springs Resort has an intriguing history that adds depth to its charm. The resort’s theme is rooted in the fabled exploration of the American Southwest by Spanish explorer Francisco Vázquez de Coronado. This historical connection is woven into the resort’s narrative, from its architecture to its decor, providing an engaging backdrop for guests to discover.

Throughout the resort, details pointing to its Spanish influences can be seen.

Dining Options: A Culinary Journey

Coronado Springs Resort boasts a variety of dining options that cater to various tastes and preferences. The main dining venue, El Mercado de Coronado, is a bustling food court offering diverse dishes, from American classics to Southwestern-inspired cuisine. For a more upscale experience, Maya Grill presents a menu inspired by the flavors of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

One unique dining feature is the Three Bridges Bar & Grill on an island in the middle of Lago Dorado. This picturesque location offers a tranquil setting for savoring tapas-style dishes and signature cocktails.

The resort hosts a lot of conventions, so the hotel boasts ten unique dining options, more than most other Disney World Resorts.

Transportation Options

The resort offers bus transportation for guests to access all four Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. Buses run frequently, on average, every twenty minutes.

The resort is located in the Animal Kingdom area of Disney World, and bus transportation is available to all four theme parks and Disney Springs.

Feature Pool: Lost City of Cibola

Coronado Springs has a great feature pool called the Lost City of Cibola that boasts a 50-foot pyramid with a waterslide. Since the resort is commonly used for conventions, fewer families stay there, so the pool is quieter than other Disney World Resort hotels. Next to the feature pool, Coronado Springs has the largest capacity hot tub on Disney property, with room for twenty-two guests. In addition to the Lost City of Cibola Pool, three leisure pools offer guests an even quieter and serene experience.

The Lost City of Cibola Pool is a great way to relax between park days.

Pros and Cons of Staying at Coronado Springs Resort: Weighing the Experience

As with any Disney World resort, there are pros and cons when staying at Coronado Springs.


  • Southwestern Charm and Atmosphere

Coronado Springs Resort immerses guests in the captivating ambiance of the American Southwest. The stunning architecture, intricate tilework, and lush landscaping create an authentic and serene atmosphere, making you feel like you’ve entered another world.

  • Diverse Dining Options

The resort offers a range of dining experiences to satisfy various palates. El Mercado de Coronado, the central food court, provides a wide selection of dishes, while Maya Grill offers a more upscale dining experience. The Three Bridges Bar & Grill, situated on an island in Lago Dorado, offers a picturesque setting for tapas and cocktails.

  • Rich History and Storytelling

Coronado Springs Resort’s theme is inspired by the legendary Spanish explorer Francisco Vázquez de Coronado and his expedition in the American Southwest. This historical connection adds depth to the resort’s narrative, allowing guests to embark on their exploration.

  • Picturesque Grounds

The resort’s 22-acre Lago Dorado and the surrounding landscaped gardens create a tranquil environment for guests to enjoy strolls and moments of relaxation. The scenic beauty adds to the overall charm of the resort.

  • More Affordable than Deluxe Resorts

Coronado Springs doesn’t have the premium price tag that Disney Deluxe Resort hotels do. Moderate Resort hotels offer guests nicer accommodations and amenities while balancing costs.

A convention center is located at Coronado Springs, so the resort has a more adult feel than other Disney World accommodations, and usually fewer families stay here.


  • More Expensive than Value Resorts

While more affordable than Deluxe Resorts, Coronado Springs Resort falls into the Moderate pricing category, which may not align with all travelers’ budgets.

  • Resort Size and Navigation

Due to its size, the resort can be pretty expansive, requiring additional time to navigate from one area to another. This might result in longer walks or bus rides within the resort. The large resort size is also not ideal for those with mobility concerns. Check out our guide to the best Disney World Resorts for guests with mobility issues.

  • Limited Transportation

Buses are the only transportation option available at Coronado Springs. Buses are a slower form of Disney transportation. Guests should plan for longer commutes to the theme parks or Disney Springs than from other resorts that are more conveniently located.

The resort has 1,917 rooms between three villages and 545 guest rooms in Gran Destino Tower, the main hotel building.

Conclusion: Staying at Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort offers a captivating Southwestern sojourn for Disney World travelers. Its rich theming, diverse dining options, engaging history, and transportation convenience make it appealing for those seeking an immersive Disney experience with a touch of Southwest charm. While there are considerations like price and resort size, the overall experience is enchantment and relaxation—a perfect blend for a Disney vacation in the Sunshine State.

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