Guide to Africa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Guide to Africa in Disney's Animal Kingdom


Have you ever dreamed of embarking on a safari, exploring dense jungles, or meeting exotic animals? This is all possible in the middle of Orlando, Florida! In Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, Africa brings these adventurous dreams to life. Let’s delve into the heart of this land and discover the attractions, restaurants, and shops that await Animal Kingdom visitors.


As you enter Disney’s Africa, you are transported to a vibrant landscape teeming with life. From thrilling attractions to immersive dining experiences, this park section promises an unforgettable adventure.


  • Festival of the Lion King: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of a Broadway-style show that celebrates the Circle of Life and brings it to vivid life with awe-inspiring performances, intricate puppetry, and beloved characters.
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris: Embark on a thrilling journey as you climb aboard a safari vehicle and traverse an expansive savannah, where every turn brings you face-to-face with live animals thriving in a carefully crafted habitat mirroring their natural environment.
  • Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail: Stroll through lush landscapes, where every step unveils the wonders of nature. Observe magnificent gorillas, exotic birds, and an array of fascinating creatures in this immersive exploration.
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch: Accessible by the Wildlife Express Train, this unique area offers more than just a train ride. Delve into the world of animal care at the Conservation Station, where you can gain insights and enjoy hands-on experiences at the Affection Section petting zoo.

Character Meet & Greets

While no specific character meet-and-greets exist in Disney’s Africa, the immersive attractions often feature beloved Disney characters.

Dining Options

Table Service

  • Tusker House Restaurant: A buffet-style eatery offering character dining with Donald Duck and friends, showcasing delicious African-inspired flavors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Quick Service

  • Mahindi: Grab a snack, such as popcorn in a souvenir bucket, cinnamon-glazed pecans, or almonds.
  • Dawa Bar: A bamboo bar serving South African wines and specialty cocktails like Lost on Safari and African Margarita.
  • Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery: Ideal for breakfast on the go or snacks, offering a variety of pastries and delicious treats.
  • Tamu Tamu Refreshments: Located in Harambe Village, serving breakfast and snacks, including pastries and delightful desserts like DOLE Whip.
  • Harambe Fruit Market: A quick stop for snacks like fresh fruit, pretzels, chips, hot dogs, and grilled corn on the cob.
  • Harambe Market: An open-air plaza featuring African-inspired dishes for lunch and dinner, such as Chicken and Shrimp Rice Bowl and Beef and Lamb Kofta Pita.


  • Mombasa Marketplace: Offering a diverse range of apparel, accessories, gifts, housewares, toys, and plush items, including authentic African imports.
  • Zuri’s Sweets Shop: A haven for food and spirits, showcasing homemade sweets and delightful treats.

Conclusion: Africa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

In Disney’s Africa, adventure and enchantment go hand in hand. From thrilling safaris to delectable dining, this immersive experience promises a journey through the heart of the continent. So, pack your bags and let the magic of Africa unfold at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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